Download Free Urdu Web-Applications :

Urdu Formatter - Shamil
Urdu Plugin for WordPress

Provided by: M Bilal M

This Plugin automatically detects Urdu posts, comments and posts summery (Excerpt), and If Urdu is found then it sets the proper direction, size and font of text according to Urdu.

With this plugin you can carry blogging in both languages (Urdu and English).

Find more detail in Settings page or visit M. Balal M's site.

Urdu Plugin :

Provided by: Pakistan Data Management Service

Some Websites which are created with Urdu 98 software, need this plugin for veiwing.
  • Enables your browser to view Urdu web sites
  • Enables you to read Urdu emails (MS Outlook Express is recommended)
  • .
  • Free twenty days trial version of Ruqqa-UrduEmail with which you can send Urdu emails (MS Outlook Express is required).

Urdu Language Pack For PHPBB Forum Software:

Installation Instructions :
  1. Place folder "ur" present in language folder, in ../language folder in your phpbb installation server
  2. Place folder "ur" and site_logo.gif present in styles/prosilver/imageset in ../styles/prosilver/imageset in your phpbb installation on server.
  3. Place folder "ur" present in styles/subsilver2/imageset in ../styles/subsilver2/imageset in your phpbb installation on server.
  4. Go to System >> Language Packs in Admin Control Panel
  5. In the list at the left, Urdu will be displaying in table. Click on Install to install the Urdu Language Pack.
  6. After install has completed, you can either select this language as default here or in Profile section.
  7. Rfresh Imageset in Styles in Admin Control Panel.

Urdu Language Pack For SMF Forum software :

Installation Instructions :
Just extract them into the same directory as the installation of SMF. (Select the version of SMF you are using).
For SMF 1.1.13

For SMF 2.0 RC5

JOOMLA 1.5.15 -- Urdu Language Pack:

Word Press Urdu Language Pack:

Default WordPress Theme In URDU:

WordPress Theme 'Indigo' In URDU:

WordPress Theme 'NeRang' In URDU:

Plug-In for WordPress for formating of Poems:

SeaMonkey Urdu Language Pack:

Courtesy : CURLP

SeaMonkey is an open source, multi platform, complete Internet Suite including a browser, email client, IRC chat client and a simple HTML editor.

To use the Urdu language pack for SeaMonkey, first download and install the English version of SeaMonkey from http://www.mozilla.org/projects/seamonkey/.

Installation Guide :
Then unzip the downloaded Urdu Language Pack and drag and drop this language pack onto the SeaMonkey program shortcut to start the installation. SeaMonkey will start up and the Software Installation window appear > Install Now.

When it is complete, click on Edit->Preferences, and then select Appearance->Languages/Content. Select Urdu (PK) from the installed language packs list and Pakistan Region from the installed content packs list and restart SeaMonkey to activate the Urdu language pack.

Urdu Dictionary (Add-on) For FireFox:

Installation Guide :
Drag the extension to the Firefox desktop program shortcut. If Firefox is running, you'll see the Software Installation window appear > Install Now. If Firefox is not running, it will start up and the Software Installation window appear > Install Now.

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