Download Free Urdu Text Editors / Word Processors :

NASHIR - Word Processor / Publishing Software :

Provided by: Ministry of Communications & Information Technology,
Government of India

  • Supporting INSCRIPT, Phonetic Keyboard layouts.
  • Urdu Word Processor cum Publishing Software with dictionaries for Administrative, Linguistic and Commerce domains.

Urdu Nigar Unicode :

Provided by: Nasim Amjad

you can write and type Urdu easily using Urdu Nigar Unicode, you can also check Urdu words using Urdu Dictionary, supports both Urdu & English text. All Unicode based Urdu fonts are supported. Like Urdu Nafees Naskh and Urdu Nafees Nastalique. Urdu Nigar Unicode can be used to write Urdu in PhotoShop , Corel Draw, Adobe Dreamweaver, Flash, Illustrator, 3D Studio, Maya, MS Word, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint etc by using copy and paste technique.

  • Implementation of Unicode technology
  • Support of both Urdu and English in same text area (simultaneously)
  • Multiline text support
  • Support of Phonetic Keyboard
  • Auto Alignment based on language selected. (Right to Left direction and Left to Right direction)
  • Export as image (output in GIF format)
  • Spell Check (in Urdu) {checks if an Urdu word is part of lexicon or not}
  • Urdu text can be copied from Urdu Nigar Unicode and pasted to any unicode complaint software, you can even send emails by pasting the text to email service provider like mail.yahoo.com , www.hotmail.com and www.gmail.com

After downloading & installing the above software (i.e. Urdu Nigar Unicode version , you may also download latest patch by clicking here and overwriting the (older copy of) exe file [i.e. UrduNigarUnicode.exe]. This will upgrade Urdu Nigar Unicode to version (

Tips regarding Urdu Nigar Unicode

Web-Based Urdu Text Box

Provided by: Nasim Amjad

Now you can Write / Type Urdu in WebPages based on HTML, PHP , JSP, classical ASP or Dot Net (ASP.NET)

Following are sample Urdu text boxes using JavaScript, the text box has been tested on diferent web browsers and works well on Mozilla FireFox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer and Opera web browsers.

A software programmer / developer only needs add reference to javascript file called urdutextbox.js in their web pages and add ordinary text box using HTML. For details, have a look at the sample source code of a web page to get the understanding of how to enable Urdu in HTML text box.

Download urdutextbox.js

Text Box Demo Page

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