Download Free Urdu Softwares :

Urdu Transliteration Tool
Provided by:C-DAC, Ministry of Communications
& Information Technology,
Government of India

  • Hindi to Urdu
  • Gurmukhi to Shahmukhi

Urdu - Arabic Spell Checker For MS OFFICE
Provided by:Microsoft

Installation :
Open folders Proof.ar & Proof.ur one by one and double click the file run.bat to install the Arabic and Urdu spell checkers respectively.

Urdu NVU --- Create Urdu Websites In Minutes :

Courtesy : CURLP

Nvu (pronounced "N-view," for a "new view") is a free, open source software program that allows you to build websites and web pages using a simple WYSIWYG editor. Nvu makes creating web pages as easy as using a word processor! With Nvu's built-in site manager, connecting to your website and making changes is a snap.

The NVu Urdu localization (for Windows) being developed at CRULP by the Pan Localization Project Pakistan Country Component team, is now available for download. In the current version, the GUI has been translated to Urdu. Further work needs to be done to make the layout direction right-to-left for Urdu.

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